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10 business travel tips for functional and stress-free traveling

We all know that planning a trip is not always easy, especially when preparing a business itinerary. Travelspot can help you arrange most of your trip, but there are always things you can take care of to make your traveling experience smoother. Business travel can be exciting but overwhelming if you are unprepared. Since all business travelers attend conferences or meetings, their trips usually last only a few days. Therefore, planning everything in advance and preparing well is essential. 

We bring you a few noteworthy pointers to make your trip as efficient and painless as possible.

Plan and prepare for your travel tips

Pack only hand baggage

This is one of the ways to save time at the airport: instead of waiting for your luggage in line and losing time from your already busy schedule, you can simply disembark from the flight and continue with planned activities. Remember that sometimes luggage can get misplaced, which is another thing you can avoid this way.

Also, do not overfill your carry-on bag because each airline has its own rules regarding the allowed weight. 

Consider the weather

Check the forecast for your destination. 

There is nothing worse than bringing the wrong attire to your trip. Imagine coming soaked to a meeting with a client! Make sure to check it for the whole timespan you intend to spend there so you don't have to rush and buy new clothes.

Take into account security measures

Items like liquids, medication, laptops, or any kind of electronics are bound to be inspected, so keep them easily accessible to avoid spending unnecessary time rummaging through your luggage to find any of the objects mentioned above. 

Also, keep in mind that if you have any prescribed medication, you are obligated to report it to the airport personnel before your search as they might require further screening. When it comes to electronic devices like electric toothbrushes, e-cigarettes, or similar gadgets, it is best to check before the flight if they are allowed to be packed in your carry-on bag, checked luggage, or perhaps neither.

Check the food and beverage requirements

According to Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you are allowed to bring food and beverages, but there are certain restrictions. For example, you can bring drinks like water, juice, or alcohol (up to 70 %), but the quantity in your carry-on bag can not exceed 3.4oz/100 ml per item. Solid foods like bread, cookies or even cooked meat and vegetables (not liquids or gels) are allowed if you want to bring something to eat during your flight.

Before your flight, it is always best to check if some items might be prohibited. However, be aware that these restrictions are subject to change, so always check the rules on time. 

Choose direct flights 

Whenever possible, choose direct flights to avoid delays or misplaced luggage - you don’t want to be late for your first business dinner. In case you need to wait between flights, consider paying additionally to access the lounge to make your airport experience more pleasant and less strenuous. Lounges have a wi-fi connection, food, drinks, and much more to offer. This is a great time to do last-minute preparations for a meeting/conference you are attending or simply relax. 

In most cases, the business class provides lounge access. However, you can also buy it separately.

Book everything in advance

Define expectations with your supervisor. 

After all, you are on a business trip. It is much easier to plan your schedule once you know your goals, so make sure to get clear instructions on what is expected from you.

To save time on your trip, think about what you can arrange in advance.

If you are traveling with American airlines, consider TSA pre-check, which takes only a couple of minutes of your time. One more thing you can do ahead of time is to rent a car online if you've considered one, instead of doing it once you arrive. In case you need to book an emergency shuttle transfer or if you find yourself in any unexpected situation, Travelspot’s customer support is at your beck and call. 

Keep an eye on your emails

Sometimes, last-minute changes happen, so if you don't want to miss your flight because the gate number changed, it is best to check your emails regularly.

Charge your devices

Make sure to charge all your devices before your flight in case of delays. Be careful with public charging stations. It is easy to steal information through USB, so to avoid such situations, it is best to bring your own charger or power bank. 

Remember that portable chargers and power banks can only be packed in your carry-on bag.

Be cautious with public WIFI access

If you use your work laptop to access work-related information, ensure your firewalls and antivirus software are up to date to protect you from anyone who might access your data.

Prepare for jet lag

Jet lag is real; however, there is a way to stop it from spoiling your plans and disrupting your schedule. Given that business trips usually last short, it is best to adapt to your current time zone as quickly as possible in terms of sleeping and eating. 

Try not go to sleep as soon as you arrive, as this can leave you feeling even worse. Drink enough water and eat light food because heavy food can make you feel even more fatigued. If you arrive at your destination early in the day, spending time outside can help you to adapt faster. Caffeine can also aid you, but be careful not to overconsume it or drink it close to your sleep time. 

Business or pleasure

Work trips can be exhausting and bad organization can induce stress if the trip is not planned carefully. We hope these tips will ease your trip management and help you arrive at your destination feeling content.

Planning in advance is a key solution to a comfortable traveling experience (as much as it can possibly be), and the feeling you did everything you could lessen your stress if something unpredicted occurs, which is then out of your hands (flight delay, baggage loss, flight cancellation, etc.). 

This is where Travelspot steps in to help manage your business trip in a way you cannot control, but we can.

We will take care of your travel from there on mind, a business of any size may benefit greatly from a reliable travel management


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