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10 corporate retreat ideas for 2023

What is a corporate retreat?

When working, employees usually discuss work-related topics, which prevents them from connecting more casually. However, during corporate retreats, they have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Bringing your team members together to exchange experiences and connect can reinforce your company. 

A corporate retreat is an offsite get-together of the company's team members with the purpose of working, having fun, relaxing, and fostering stronger team ties and a sense of belonging. They might be arranged for a group of employees, a department, or the entire company. Retreats are frequently held in the countryside, in a setting where groups may practice better communication and boost their motivation. In addition, they are a space where people can productively work, regenerate and rest away from the clamor of cities. Since every company is unique in its culture, size, and purpose, the corporate retreat travel arrangement can vary from company to company.

Corporate retreats are one approach to hasten the process of encouraging stronger cohesiveness and cooperation within your team. These outings offer employees a rare chance to socialize outside work and gain a deeper knowledge of one another. And we all know that a team with a friendly ambiance yields better results.

Also, it is crucial to plan activities that encourage inclusion (for instance, collaborating on activities that allow people from different departments to get to know one another better), particularly among groups of employees who don't often collaborate. Consequently, it is vitally important to provide your employees with adequate opportunities to interact and get to know one another, especially nowadays when remote work has increased due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many new employees might not have even met their coworkers in person.

If you are getting anxious thinking about how much time and effort you need to organize such a trip, let us jump in.

With Travelspot, organizing a trip to a chosen retreat is seamless and effortless. You only need to choose the time and place and specify the number of people. Then, within the allocated budget, our Travelspot travel agent will be of assistance to you.

Benefits of a corporate retreat

1.  Enhance productivity and communication

Maintaining consistent and effective communication is a particular difficulty for many employees, especially those currently working offsite.

Even if you work together daily, spending a few days away from the office together, conversing, or dining can create a personal connection. The time spent on such a retreat can be a better experience in comparison to spending a holiday with a distant relative. Recognizing the sense of self-worth and community that comes from having good relations with our coworkers is essential. Closely-knit teams generally have better communication, greater mutual respect, trust, and higher productivity levels.

 The retreat also helps to bridge the communication gap between management and employees. 

2.  Boost team morale

Employees perform adequately better with lifted morale, and there is an emphasis on developing stable working connections. In the modern world, employees are not simply focused on the salary, but they also aspire to be a meaningful part of the team.

3.  Create a buzz about your company

Team-oriented companies attract more applicants.

Presume that your possible future employee is looking for a new position. They hear about a few companies and then do internet research on potential employers - they might google you too. 

As an applicant, it's rather simple to choose between the company that sends its employees to another country to celebrate a successful year and the one that rewards its employees with a group lunch.

Companies that go above and beyond to show their employees gratitude will find it easier to retain them and have an advantage in hiring.

4.  Decrease the stress level

Stress can be relieved during company retreats through outdoor adventures as well as activities that benefit physical and mental health.

It is a well-known fact that a workplace can be stressful. Considering long working hours and numerous responsibilities, employees are under greater time pressure than ever. During a company retreat, a respite from obligations, screens, phones, and other devices, it might seem like a mini-vacation.

Having time to disconnect helps in preventing employee burnout.

5. Resolve tension and conflicts

Conflicts and disputes are inevitable in the workplace.

Most of these disputes go on for weeks, while others can go on for months or even longer. On a retreat, you have an opportunity to put a stop to these detrimental hostilities. Your team has the opportunity to overcome differences through a common experience away from the office. After a company retreat, people who don't get along in the workplace can develop splendid connections with great respect. It is the chance for your teams to spend meaningful time together, break down obstacles, and ultimately settle those contentious disagreements.

Ideas for corporate retreat activities

Travelspot schemed a list of 10 interesting and valuable ideas for corporate retreats - dedicated to you. 

1. Scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt is a traditional team retreat activity you may use in various settings. Scavenger hunts could take a lot of your time, for example, a whole afternoon or a full day. They encourage leadership, teamwork, and communication. Bigger companies prefer them because they allow a large number of employees to participate.

2. Hiking

Including a hike in your corporate retreat schedule is a fantastic idea, especially in the vicinity of mountains, canyons, and forests. Nothing beats stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air. In addition, hiking will not only allow your group a break from the more controlled indoor activities, but it will also promote team bonding.

3. Game night

You can also organize a game night if your teams want competition in a more casual environment. 

Provide snacks, arrange employees in groups and ask them to compete for first place. Because they're not expensive, low risk, and can stimulate critical thinking, friendly competition, and teamwork, board games are widespread retreat activities. Video games tournament is also a great option. 

4. Enjoy a movie screening

Hosting a movie night is one of the most popular ideas. Open air with a large grass parcel is a great place to arrange an outdoor movie night during summer.

Also, renting a movie theater is an excellent idea because it is surprisingly inexpensive. So take the whole crew to see a popular new movie or if you are a fan of the older cinematography, simply organize a classic movie night.

5. Sports

The most common sports include volleyball, basketball, football, and bowling. They are entertaining and not very challenging for someone who has never played them.

These activities promote physical training and allow everyone to collaborate on something enjoyable.

6. Glamping

Glamping (glamorous camping) creates a comfortable and elegant camping experience. 

In addition to electricity, cozy accommodation, clean water, ambient lighting, delicious food, and time spent in nature, glamping is the perfect company retreat for many people.

Enjoy beautiful sightseeing, chatting near the campfire, cooking, drinking, and other activities. 

Glamping is excellent for encouraging collaboration and teamwork.

7. Escape rooms

You can foster team communication if your group isn't used to discussing ideas and tactics frequently.

The participants in the escape room are forced to express themselves verbally since their thoughts may hold the key to finding the key to unlock the door that will allow them all to leave the room. No matter how strange or ridiculous the idea, it is welcomed. This removes any hesitation one could have in communicating their ideas.

With a wide variety of themes like pirates, zombies, the future, movies, fantasy, mystery, science, bank heists, tomb or prison escape, and much more -  the fun is guaranteed. 

8. Paintball

Paintball, probably the most popular, is an activity that promotes collaboration and teamwork. As an outdoor event with different modes and maps, it guarantees an exciting afternoon that will boost your team’s adrenaline.

To maximize the effectiveness of this team-building activity included in the retreat, people should be transferred from one team to another during the game.

9. Master class

You can choose one of many interesting classes like cooking, cocktail making, yoga, painting, dancing, etc. It is a great way to learn something new while the teammates are also having fun and socializing.

10. SPA and digital detox

Companies nowadays require continuous connection with their employees. That is why, during the retreat, they should be able to disconnect from technology. This means no more video calls, phone calls, social networks, or emails to be replied to. Give your staff a respite from the screen for a specified period, and arrange a spa or yoga appointment. Any effort to remove the distraction technology causes helps employees recharge and be more present and grounded with each other.

The run-through

As you can see, setting up a company retreat for your employees can benefit you in numerous ways. It is up to you to decide what can unite your team and contact Travelspot. We will take care of everything else so you can relax with your employees without worrying about reservations, tickets, and transportation.

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